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Welcome to the connection page for the Scripps College Class of 2017!  With this tool, alumnae/i from all backgrounds can reach out to recent graduates in Los Angeles interested in their fields.


  • Name: Lauren C.
  • Major: Media Studies
  • Minor: Theater
  • I’m interested in: Social Media, Marketing, and Digital Media
  • Please reach out to me if:  If you are currently in the field of Social Media/Marketing and would be willing to connect and tell me about your experiences.  Also, please reach out if you are interested in theatre and nerd culture.

Name: KC R-F
Major/Minor: Theatre and Media Studies
I’m interested in: Acting, Lighting Design, Video Editing, Stage Management
Please reach out to me if: You have any advice about starting a career in the entertainment industry!


  • Name: Andrea M.
  • Major: Neuroscience
  • I’m interested in: Med School (I’m working on taking the mcat), public health, and intersecting my health career goals with working with communities in LA or my own community as being filipina.
  • Please reach out to me if:  You have any input or experience on public health or working with communities.

  • Name: Cosette D.
  • Major: Physics
  • Job: Laserfiche Software Engineer in Test
  • I’m interested in: Tech industry or physics research/grad school
  • Please reach out to me if: If you have advice or networking opportunities for either tech industry, physics, or possibly even other related fields. I’m not actively searching right now since I obviously want to try out my job for awhile, but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do in the future so any advice would be gratefully received!

Legal Studies, Policy, Psychology

  • Name: Christine G.
  • Dual Major: Psychology & Economics
  • Minor:Hispanic Studies
  • I’m interested in: Psychology, Economics, Mental Health
  • Please reach out to me if: You know of a temporary (ending before January, part-time or full-time) teaching job or psychology/mental health-related job.  I will be leaving for a Fulbright in January!

  • Name: Monika L.
  • Major: Legal Studies
  • Current Job: Administrative Assistant
  • I’m interested in: Public Policy, Working at a nonprofit
  • Please reach out to me if: You work or have worked in a public policy related field, if you have a Masters in Public Policy, or have any advice for a recent grad trying to get public policy experience!

  • Name: ReAndra Johnson
  • Major: Legal Studies
  • I’m interested in: College access, public policy, and higher education. I would also be interested in law oriented policy work.
  • Please reach out to me if: You are in the fields of college access, policy, or education work.